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Competition closed

Posted by M J Ward on 12 May 2012

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Just a mini update to confirm that the bookmark competition is officially closed. A big thank you to all those who took part – I was surprised and overwhelmed by the response. Speedy heroes who submitted their entries before the closing date (9 April) won their chosen bookmarks. These should be with you by now or, at least, on their way. Entries made after the 9 April sadly missed out, but there will be more opportunities to get hold of bookmarks in the future. Sorry for some of the confusion with the closing date - my fault for not making it clearer! You live and learn.

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Decide your destiny - and win DQ goodies!

Posted by M J Ward on 21 March 2012

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Calling all valiant champions (and nefarious villains!) – to celebrate the imminent launch of The Legion of Shadow, myself and Gollancz are offering the first in a number of exciting giveaway competitions. And there’s loot – oh yes, epic loot my treasure-seeking friends. So read on, for your chance to grab some of these rare items to aid your future adventures.

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Fan the flames

Posted by M J Ward on 5 March 2012

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It’s a worrying moment when you click on the ‘send’ button, aware that your email is speeding through the ether and carrying with it nearly nine months of hair-tearing, teeth-gnashing hard work. There is always that instant when you think ‘should I have double-checked that ability… changed that sentence… oh that darned apostrophe on entry 15…’. Well, The Heart of Fire manuscript is sent - and as Doris Day once crooned, ‘Que Sera, Sera...’

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Winter is coming...

Posted by M J Ward on 4 February 2012

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Or so the forecasters would have us believe, with dire warnings of heavy snow, sub-zero temperatures and hazardous conditions. It feels like something from a George R.R. Martin novel. I just hope the Others aren’t on their way as well or there’s going to be serious panic buying down the local supermarket. <turns to partner> "Mary, check we have enough milk, yeah?"

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Happy New Year DQers!

Posted by M J Ward on 3 January 2012

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Happy New Year! Yes, I imagine you're sick of hearing that by now, but for me - this really does feel like a happy New Year. Yes, it's not everyday that you see your name/book blogged on a publisher's website, along with a sneak peek of your new cover art. Very surreal, I can tell you. But then, I have the feeling that this will be a surreal year. 

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