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Posted by M J Ward on 18 December 2021

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A year of change. And a year of uncertainty. Our choices in this mad world may continue to diminish my friends, but that does not stop my narrative brain from fleeing to the wonderful world of Dormus to craft stories for you. It’s been a sort of quiet year, but I feel 2022 is gonna be pretty explosive for DQ. And that means choices that have meaning.

So, first off, there’s this little thing called the DestinyQuest Roleplaying Game. I say ‘little’ in a bit of a teasing sense, because it’s a vast, expansive and amazing new venture – and I have worked closely with the team involved to create an immersive game world and system that is faithful to the gamebooks – and which hopes to capture that exciting action online RPG experience on the tabletop. The RPG will be coming to Kickstarter hopefully early next year. Myself and the team can’t wait to share some of the amazing lore and treats involved with this project. I really hope you can support it.

Beyond that, there is DestinyQuest 5. I know, people have been patiently waiting and clamouring for a sequel to The Raiders of Dune Sea for a good while. I made the decision to split my next book into two so that I could focus more on characters. Thankfully, the community have been positive about the change and I do acknowledge that I now have a responsibility to make that work and deliver an amazing story.

The Wrath of Ragnorak is the title for Book 5 – I will be starting the writing in April. I am currently planning the book with a possible Kickstarter at the end of 2022. As I have already mentioned in my Facebook, this is a tough book – a lot of threads come together in this narrative, and it really does resonate through all the previous books. My focus is character and choice. And I need to do it all justice.

It sounds a long way off, but I will keep people updated with progress, and there is the RPG in the early part of the year, which I am positive both RPGers and gamebook readers are gonna love – I wrote a massive amount of lore for the Core Rulebook, which I am drawing on for Wrath of Ragnorak and The Edge of Time – the next two books of the DQ saga.

Not to mention, for Italian readers, The Heart of Fire will be released at the end of January – with work already in progress on Winter’s Fury. You can check out the amazing cover artwork on my Facebook page.

Have a happy festive season. Stay safe, never shirk away from prayer to our creator if you need that help and comfort, and look forward to an amazing year for DQ in 22.


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